Handmade With Love

Dainty Collection

Colección Dainty

Dainty Collection

The perfect collection for lovers of brilliance  

Protect Me Collection

Colección Protégeme

Protect Me Collection

Protect yourself from negative energy with powerful Evil Eyes designs  

Mom Series

Serie Mamá

Mom Series

The perfect gift to remember that will give the impression of how... 

New Designs for Summer

Al Zahrooni

Pure Silver and Gold

Because you deserve the best, all of our jewelry that we make for you is made of pure 925 sterling silver and 18k gold. We do not put them or mix them with any other material

because in the end we look for trust more than profit!

Material and Care

Al Zahrooni

A lot of experience

While others focus on the designs and leave the quality of their jewelry in doubt, we focus a lot on both. In the end we don't think it's a good idea to buy very pretty jewelry that will last a short time with you.

Try our jewelry and feel the difference!

Why do you choose us?

al zahrooni

Original designs

We see fashion in our own way. Our designs are inspired by simple things around you. Each design can tell a story just by looking at it

Why don't you try them and see the magic?

Designs, manufacturing and Associations

al zahrooni

Invest With Comfort

How many times have you invested your money in things that don't last as long as they claim? Well, with our 3-year guarantee we make sure that your investment is not lost with us.

We will always try to make you happy!

Our 3 year warranty

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