Material and Care

Material and care

Although all of our jewelry is made of pure gold and sterling silver, if you want it to last as long as possible with you, you should care for it by following the following instructions

Let perfumes or lotions dry before wearing jewelry

Although sterling silver and gold never oxidize, if the jewelry is in contact with perfume and odors for a long time, it will become less shiny.

Take them off when you do sports

In addition to the accidents that can occur such as breaking the chain, dropping a stone due to an accidental blow, etc.
Sweat can affect jewelry too! With a lot of sweat for a long time, jewelry begins to shine less

Always keep them in their bag or box

The jewelry bag and box you get from Al Zahrooni are made of a special material that absorbs moisture and odor from jewelry stores. Always use them to keep your jewelry in the best condition

Don't shower with jewelry

Although silver and gold are water resistant, water and especially if combined with cleaning detergents can dull the shine of jewelry. That's why we advise our clients to take off their jewelry before showering.