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Designs, manufacturing and Associations

Since 1985 we have designed hundreds of pieces of jewelry making us long-standing pioneers in jewelry design and manufacturing in the Middle East and Asia.

Since then, we share our designs, styles and passions not only with our customers but also with sellers and small businesses who are interested in our arts and designs, whether in Asia (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, India, Korea and China) or in Western countries (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Canada) without any Monopoly rights. We also cooperate with other companies to bring their designs and the rights to manufacture and share them (but according to our quality standards).

These cooperations have helped us and many companies like us to lead the path of success in the world of jewelry and fashion and to have the trust of many people who look for the most recent and unique designs made with the highest materials. quality, such as sterling silver, gold and anti-allergic stainless steel.

Keep in mind that sharing the same designs does not mean they are the same pieces!

In other words, as we mentioned, many of the designs are sold in many other companies, suppliers or physical stores around the world, however, the way these pieces of jewelry are manufactured is different from one company to another. At Al Zarhooni, we ensure that the jewelry we make is strictly made and matches the quality of Europe (Note: The quality of European jewelry is considered the best in the world), so when you order the same design from us and other suppliers or companies, they may look exactly the same at first, but over time you may notice the differences. This is due to the way the jewelry is made.

Since we use 100% pure sterling silver and 18K gold to make the jewelry, we can guarantee that the jewelry pieces (under normal condition) will last with you forever and will never fade, as real sterling silver and gold will never oxidize. !

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